Our Story

Giving Back

We are a women-owned, women-run, socially-conscious brand, dedicated to bringing products to market that will help students get back to school, and the rest of us get back to everyday life.

As a part of our mission, we are donating 10% of all profits toward charities bringing education to underprivileged youth across the globe. Here is our list of the global non-profits we currently support:

Save the Children 
Build Africa 
LifeNets Scholarships
Child Empowerment International 
Room to Read

Brand Origins
Great things happen when we all come together! Shield Society began as an effort among a group of friends to make a difference in a world crisis. We wanted to do what we could to contribute to a safe return to the activities we love.

Combining the individual talents of this team of lifelong friends, Shield Society Apparel was born. We hope you enjoy the product of our collaboration.

Jacqueline Merhej—Founder and Product Designer
Kristin Krueger—Design Consultant
Dana Deininger—Brand Designer
Ashley Genevieve—Photography and Advertising
Ryan Cory—Creative Director and Content Creator
Brittney Brandt—Model and Brand Representative

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